We get patterns occasionally  and have decided put them here so you may use them.

Pattern for 4 sizes of face mask

From Sew Saturday in association with Simplicity.

This is the jumper pattern for Sally's Charity day.

Borrowed from Molly Sews, This is a really simple pattern for the Charity day or anytime.

Cosmic Cal By Helen Shrimpton and Courtesy of Stylecraft

Part 1 Instructions - Printer friendly version 9 Pages

Part 1 Instructions - 19 Pages with more photos

Part 2 Instructions - Printer friendly version 6 Pages

Part 2 Instructions - 13 Pages with more photos

Part 3 Instructions - Printer friendly version 5 Pages

Part 3 Instructions - 9 Pages with more photos

Part 4 Instructions - Printer friendly version 4 Pages

Part 4 Instructions - 6 Pages with more photos