Hi Everyone,
I have done a little video to show you some Valentine goodies. I am especially fond of the Pocket Hearts.  You make 2 and send one to someone special.  I hope you all like them.  They are suitable for all ages (5-100) and are really easy to make.
Stay safe and look after yourselves.

Hi All,

Hope you are all well. A few kits to help you through the lockdown. Some are new and some are old favourites. Hope you like them. They can be ordered through www.risboroughbasket.co.uk or call or email me.

Happy new year and stay safe,



And here's some fabrics...

We are continuing to make masks in men's women's and children's sizes. They are available from the shop and via the Risborough Basket and you can now order Christmas masks.    The price is £8.50 each and they are reversible and machine washable so should last a while.
Stay safe, Sally

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